Dr. Ian V (MD):

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Kjersten over these last few months.  The flexibility, strength, and stability in my golf swing have improved by leaps and bounds. I have become more efficient in delivering seemingly effortless power to impact because I now understand how to synchronize my body to produce this power correctly.  I am at least one club stronger throughout my bag, in some cases more. A double digit handicapper should not be able to carry a 7 iron 180 yards or hit a 5 iron 220 yards off a tee–but thanks to Kjersten, I can now. 
The power gains aren’t even the best part of my work with Kjersten. She has effectively eliminated back pain not only from my golf game, but also from my personal and professional life. Kjersten was quick to recognize that my back pain on the golf course was an extension of the way I move and carry my body in my day job as a surgeon. The initial sessions working on core awareness and posture easily translated to my work in the operating room. I found my core strength and stamina to perform long operations improved after only a handful of sessions.  Our work together will likely  extend my career by years. The best payoff is I now come home after a full day in the operating room able to spend meaningful time with my family rather than going straight to bed for rest and recovery. 
Working with Kjersten has been life-changing. Her superior professional expertise is only exceeded by her genuine passion for helping her clients reach their fullest potential.  I am happy to give Kjersten my highest and most enthusiastic recommendation.