Scott M:

I have been working with Kjersten for 6 weeks now.  After a few weeks of individualized PT, I had a breakthrough!  I realized that I had been exercising and participating in sports without using my muscles and body mechanics properly.  With detailed assessments, training, and instruction, I have been able to make changes in the way that I contract my muscles for stability and performance.  I have felt improvements in my posture (I drive 1000 miles per week for my sales job), my breathing/endurance, and my general overall health.  I have also seen improvements in my ability to participate in barbell classes, spin cycle training, yoga, running, and golf.   I am hitting the ball with more accuracy and distance, and I am able to run without IT Band pain.  I am thrilled with my progress so far! Working with Kjersten is easily the best investment that I have made to improve my general health and well-being!