Todd L:

I’ve had recurring “lower back pain” for the past several years on a spectrum from annoying to debilitating at different times. I received chiropractic treatment sporadically during this time period with some very temporary relief, but which ultimately did not lead to a lessening of symptoms or identification (much less correction) of the underlying problems. As a former college athlete, I was extremely disappointed and frustrated in my diminished ability to train and perform at a high level both in the gym and on the field, and I was resigned to the fact that this had a become a life-long issue. In November 2017, I had my first session with Kjersten at the beginning of December, and one month later, as I write this, I can honestly say that I am on the path to recovery!

Within the first 60 minute session, Kjersten not only identified the root cause of my problems, but also corrected the main culprit, which provided me immediate relief and enabled me to walk out of the fitness center pain-free for the first time in recent memory. I understand that this sounds too good to be true, so I will provide some additional commentary to bring this into perspective. First, Kjersten’s knowledge was immediately evident as we discussed my situation, background, pain areas, activity level, etc. She then performed a correction technique to address the primary issue, and then we discussed and implemented an exercise and stretching regimen to begin re-training my body as a means to fully alleviate the root causes of my back pain. After one month, I can now complete a workout with minimal to no pain, and I feel more confident pushing myself in the gym and on the soccer field, which I have not been able to do for several years. I will not say that I have been pain-free for the past month. What I can say is that Kjersten provided me a set of tools that allow me to address the issues myself (self-correction), which has been extremely helpful as I can do this at home, at the gym, or wherever needed. The freedom this provides, both physically and mentally, has been a revelation to me as I am not constantly worried about “tweaking my back” and then relying on someone else to provide some relief.

In summary; I’ve found Kjersten to be an educator first and foremost. I now have a better understanding of the systemic causes of my back problem, and how all of the various joints, muscles, etc. work together to provide proper body function. In addition, Kjersten has provided me some techniques to alleviate the pain by correcting the root causes, but also a training guide to reprogram my body so that my issues do not return. Finally, after several years, I feel that I can go to the gym/soccer field and still perform at a high level, with renewed confidence that my body can and will support my objectives. I will continue to attend sessions with Kjersten to further improve, but it is very liberating to know that I am finally in control of my back problem, and not the other way around. I highly recommend Kjertsen’s services to anyone who not only wants immediate relief, but has longer-term goals of understanding why they are experiencing the issues, and wants to be proactive in improving their overall physical well-being.