Mark S:

I met Kjersten during an informational session she held at Wildwood Green Golf Club. When she started explaining the role the body and muscles play in “Move Better, Feel Better, Play Better”, everything just clicked. I thought I already had good “core stability”. Little did I know that the exercises I had been doing (sit ups, crunches, etc.) were all being performed incorrectly. My body wasn’t in the “right” positions, so I was actually training the wrong muscles. I had been training my muscles to compensate, rather than do the work they are designed to perform. All because my body and muscles were not starting in the correct positions.

Under Kjersten’s guidance, over an approximate 2 month period, I learned and practiced a number of different “core” exercises. Correctly. This really did improve my stability and posture. During that time, we began to apply my new-found knowledge to my golf game. With slight changes to my golf address position that focused on the feet, knees, hips and glutes, I was able to increase my driving distance by an average of 30 yards. Increases in distance also translated down to the other clubs in my bag. My shot dispersion has also narrowed. My golf swing didn’t change at all, only my posture at address.

As a result of hitting it farther and straighter – needing now from 2 to 3 clubs less for the second shot – my handicap index dropped below 7.0. This after being in the 8 to 10 range over the last year or so. I now break 80 on a more regular basis, and swinging the golf club has become much easier since I am having the correct muscles do the work. I am having fun playing “golf”. I am not frustrated playing “golf swing”. A very satisfying part has been that fellow golfers have noticed the difference in my game, especially the added length off the tee. These gains were accomplished in 15 to 20 minutes of exercise per day for four or five times a week, occasionally using a flexibility band or a 5 pound weight.

I continue to utilize Kjersten for building up my golf strength and power. With her help and guidance, I know improvements in my game will keep progressing.I have been playing golf for almost 40 years. I wish I had this knowledge that I now possess a long time ago. For any golfer serious about improving their golf game, I don’t understand how they would not want to use Kjersten’s knowledge and experience. To me, it is all so simple – improve your body, your muscles, and your motion. Let the body and muscles work the way they are supposed to do. The improvements in your golf game will follow. It did for me.