Alan G:

I recently completed the Golf Performance program as well as several private sessions with Kjersten Marlow, MPT.  I have taken many golf lessons over the years and, without hesitation, I can say that working with Kjersten has been a ‘game changer’.  As both a physical therapist and golf instructor, she has a set of skills that most teaching pros simply don’t have.  She has the ability to identify issues in the golf swing, determine the physical boundaries that are preventing a successful swing, and develop a plan to address those physical limitations. 

In the past, teaching pros have certainly identified my swing peculiarities and tried to help me make changes, but without much success because I physically wasn’t capable performing as they suggested.  Kjersten, on the other hand, helped me develop physically with specific exercises which, in turn, resulted in a much more powerful and reproducible golf swing.  I also had acquired some swing habits, that I had been taught in the past, and she helped me to understand why those movements were counter-productive and offered an alternative that makes sense.  I’m not going to be on the senior tour anytime soon, but I’m enjoying the game more and, for me, that’s what it’s about. 

There is also a cross over benefit from working with Kjersten that transcends golf, into my every day well-being.   I have had multiple orthopedic surgeries and without going into great detail about the exercises and improved posture, I now can golf without pain in my knees, ankle, or shoulders.  I can also workout and not have pain in my joints.  I’m even sleeping better because I no longer have cramping in my legs at night. 

Just one more thing, (and I swear I’m not related to Kjersten) she is simply a nice person and will do what it takes to help because she really seems to enjoy what she does.