Jimmy A:

Just wanted to thank you for working with my son, Joshua.  He has been working diligently on his swing for around 15 years and like most golfers always fought with a few swing issues. One of the recurring problems that he had was with the lead leg/knee. Although the fault was apparent on video, he had been unable to correct this even after years of coaching and practice. Of course now it is obvious, after you worked with him, that the issue was much deeper than what was visible to the eye on video. You went to the root of the problem and it was something that improved fairly quickly.  You never gave him specific instruction on the lead leg/knee;  instead, you taught him the body awareness and proper way to engage the body and the swing flaw improved dramatically.  I think that your guidance has made him a better golfer and a better athlete. Thanks for the help!         ​- Jimmy A. (Father of Joshua A.)