Joshua A:

For the majority of my golf career I have found continual, nagging pain to be an expectation associated with the hours of practice I put forth to better my game. Particularly I found this pain to be concentrated in my lead hip and knee. As I approached my Junior year as a Division 1 collegiate golfer at Wofford College, I had begun to accept the fact that painless golf was an unattainable feat.   After working with Kjersten Marlow, and learning to use my body properly, as well as strengthening parts of it that contributed to painful compensations made during the course of my swing, for the first time in more than  ten years, I have  a painless golf swing.   I also observed greater accuracy and distance due to an increase in swing efficiency obtained by becoming aware of how to properly use my body. Not only has golf become more enjoyable, due to lack of pain, but my game has developed into a much more competitive entity since beginning my work with Kjersten. I am so thankful that I have had the opportunity to work with her as it has made the game more enjoyable physically, has been a great piece in elevating my game to a higher level.  Most importantly, our work together has given my career longevity that it would not have had prior to working with Kjersten.