Tips for a Balanced Golf Swing

Have you ever swung your club and completely fallen forward at the end of your finish? Or ended up with most of your weight on your trail foot (hanging back)?

We all have! And we generally are not too pleased with the outcome of these shots, and might even end up with some minor aches and pains as a result. By focusing on setting a solid, Address posture and finishing your swing in a controlled way, you can a achieve a more balanced swing…and see better results.

Here are a few tips to Improve Your Balance in Your Golf Swing:

Start with a “Balanced Set-Up”:
1. Begin with 50% of your weight on your lead foot/50% on your trail foot, with your outer ankle bone pointing towards (squared to) the target.
2. Your weight should be evenly distributed between your heel, ball of your big toe, and ball of your little toe…like a tripod. This will allow you to stay more “grounded” and stable in your swing.
3. Your hands should grip your club right below your shoulder. if you “reach” with your hands, it will likely throw off your swing plane.
4. Exhale before you swing to relax your upper body tension.

Create a “balanced finish”:
1. Finish with a solid lead foot (tripod) with the trail foot perched up onto your toes with lighter pressure on them. If your weight is too far forward on your toes, you will fall off balance forward (aim for 90% of your body weight on your lead foot, 10% of your trail toe at your finish.)
2. Make sure your pelvis is pushed upward with your buckle pointing towards your target (no arch in the lower back). Your hips should be rotated toward the target with your belly button pointing to or slightly “past” the target,
3. Your trail shoulder should be closer to the target than the lead shoulder, and your lead elbow should be folded and situated around (or slightly below) the lead shoulder. Your trail arm should be extended, but not rigid, across, or slightly above the shoulder line,
4. Ensure the club-shaft is pointed slightly to the ground and across the nape of the neck relaxed, with your chin up and the eyes looking toward the sky.