I have had Kjersten help me with two different sports-related injuries, and both times she has taught me things that have not only helped me recover from the injury, but also improved my performance and protected me against injury for the future. She has a wealth of knowledge and is patient about explaining how the body works and the toll that everyday bad habit can take. Highly recommend!

Kjersten has been so incredibly helpful with my knee problems! She has helped me connect the dots with all of my lower knee and back issues and is helping me to re-train my body to work correctly so I can be pain-free. She takes time to really explain the exercises and how our bodies work. The app that is used during the week is also super helpful in keeping me on track. I highly recommend going to Kjersten at TherExcel for your physical therapy needs!

I came to Kjersten with a frozen shoulder and with instructions from my doctor to push myself until I cried. Fortunately, for me, Kjersten has a different approach. She evaluated my condition and customized a plan for me to recover correctly and as quickly as possible. I trust her and would highly recommend her!

Kjersten has not only helped my golf game, but has helped me with physical problems that affected my game ans my life. I’ve truly enjoyed working with her, she is a sweet person and a lot of fun too!

Like another reviewer, I have Parkinson’s Disease. Playing golf 4 or 5 times per week slowed my PD progression, improved my mood, and helped me lose weight.It also caused “tennis elbow”. I tried compression sleeves, several ointments, consulted my golf pro, saw a massage therapist, watched YouTube videos – nothing helped. I even stopped playing golf. After one session with Kjersten, I saw immediate improvement. Kjersten really listened and what she did really helped. She also helped me see that golf wasn’t the only way that I was stressing my elbow. She looked at the big picture and solved a problem that I didn’t know I had. Now, we’re working on correcting my golf swing so that I don’t re-injure my elbow. I’m looking forward to playing better as well as playing pain-free.

There is also a cross over benefit from working with Kjersten that transcends golf, into my every day well-being…I now can golf without pain in my knees, ankle, or shoulders.  I can also work out and not have pain in my joints.  I’m even sleeping better because I no longer have cramping in my legs at night. 

Not only has golf become more enjoyable, due to lack of pain, but my game has developed into a much more competitive entity since beginning my work with Kjersten.

I highly recommend Kjertsen’s services to anyone who not only wants immediate relief [from pain], but has longer-term goals of understanding why they are experiencing the issues, and wants to be proactive in improving their overall physical well-being.

Working with Kjersten has been life-changing. Her superior professional expertise is only exceeded by her genuine passion for helping her clients reach their fullest potential.  

I had previously seen a different physical therapist whose suggestions didn’t seem to help.  However, Kjersten took the time to educate me about how my exercise patterns have led me to overdevelop certain muscles, while leaving other muscles underdeveloped.  This pattern had not only been hurting my performance, but caused my injury