Like any parent who knows nothing about golf, I was eager to find someone for my 11-year-old son, Luke, with a background in both Physical Therapy and Sports performance. Because my son carries a diagnosis of Hypotonia (muscle weakness) a physical therapist’s input seemed appropriate. I was particularly interested in Ther Excel Sports golf performance program because of Ms. Kjersten Marlow’s expertise, training, and knowledge as both a Physical Therapist and a golf Specialist. Ms.Kjersten Marlow brings a wealth of knowledge to the sports program which can best describe as a combination of observation, analysis, teaching, and demonstration. Her efforts extended well beyond the routine correction of body mechanics. She is a great teacher, providing a relaxed and no-nonsense interpersonal instructional style. Her diagnostic skills are excellent. Her interventions for change are both systematic and broad-based. She has recommended adjustments related to both Luke’s physical needs (core strength) and a broad-based holistic philosophy associated with sport, health, and lifestyle considerations (i.e., diet, exercise, rest, practice habits, sleep, etc.). Her practice recommendations are always focused and well defined and given as homework. The sessions are reinforced with written literature and video clips.
She is quick to identify areas of both strength and weakness on the one hand but incredibly careful not to overwhelm with too much information too soon. She uses Journaling as a way for Luke to document his efforts. progress and compliance with assigned homework activities. Journaling may not work with all kids, but it works for Luke. He enjoys the process of writing and giving his opinion on an assigned task. Ms. Marlow has done an excellent job of establishing and building rapport. Luke is fully engaged and committed to the process. She is skillful in redirecting his sometimes-silly personality. He is receptive and responsive to her teaching.
We are now about in the middle of a ten-session package. We feel we have already got more than our money’s worth.
Rich Sparacio, Ed.D.
Licensed Psychologist

Rich S.