Golf Performance: Love the Game Again

Are you frustrated with your golf game?

  • Have you lost distance and/or accuracy in your drives off of the tee?​
  • Do you 3-putt more than your peers?
  • Has your handicap increased over the past year of consistent play?
  • Are you stiff and/or sore the day after playing golf?

Our customized programs can help improve your game.

  • We analyze your swing mechanics and how you use your body to identify and correct faulty movements and reduce potential injury.
  • We work with you to address physical limitations (limited range of motion, weakness, decreased balance) that may be affecting your golf swing and preventing you from playing your best golf.
  • You get customized tools (exercise programs, drills, warm-up, range routine, etc.) to maintain and further improve your golf performance.
  • You can track your improvement with 24/7 access to your video assessments and comparison to your original golf swing.

See what our Performance Programs include

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Kjersten over these last few months.  The flexibility, strength and stability in my golf swing have improved by leaps and bounds…I am at least one club stronger throughout my bag, in some cases more.  ( Ian V.)

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