What our Golf Performance programs include

We’ll begin helping you score in your game by assessing your golf swing and putting skills with a golf-specific movement screening (TPI), swing video analysis, 3D swing assessment (K-Vest), & ball flight/speed stats. Then, we’ll address the swing faults, sequencing issues, and power leaks through your personalized golf performance training program.

  1. TPI’s “Big 12 Swing Characteristic Assessment” – Identify swing characteristics that cause faulty golf movements & injury
  2. K-Vest 3D Motion Capture – Measure and Train your body to increase golf speed, distance, accuracy, sequencing, and power
  3. Bio-mechanical BACKtoGOLF golf swing evaluation (6 Phases)
  4. Individualized posture, body symmetry, motor control, and joint alignment analysis
  5. Manual therapy to improve muscle balance, proper joint alignment, & function
  6. Personal strength/flexibility program to address and correct faulty swing characteristics
  7. Individualized injury prevention strategies and sports performance enhancement specialty program
  8. Putting control using the right muscles of your body for sinking putts with precision
  9. Personal pre-round warm-up routine to prepare your body & mind to swing
  10. Accommodations for varied ball lies, terrain, and course conditions
  11. Golf-specific strength and flexibility exercises, including pilates, yoga, resistance, & power training
  12. Diaphragmatic breathing & concentration training to enhance Mind-Body connection
  13. Equipment & footwear assessment and recommendations
  14. Specialty programs for address stance, hip turn, spine rotation, shoulder turn, weight-shift, & swing sequencing
  15. Discounted “Golf Fit” conditioning classes to maintain strength, flexibility, power, balance, and endurance for your best swing
  16. Access to personal video assessment/diagrams for progress analysis and comparison to baseline swing
  17. Use of multiple golf-specific rehab and training tools: TRX, Rip Trainer, True Swing, Swing Fan, Orange Whip, Swing Connector, Blast Golf: Precision Motion Sensor, Swing Click, and Swing Scope

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I continue to utilize Kjersten for building up my golf strength and power.  With her help and guidance, I know improvements in my game will keep progressing. I have been playing golf for almost 40 years and wish I had the knowledge I now possess a long time ago. (Mark S.)

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