Kjersten (owner & PT) is a miracle worker. So much of learning something new is being taught in a way that is custom to how we learn, and she has mastered this concept. Kjersten has taught me how my body SHOULD function as opposed to how it’s BEEN functioning, and it’s opened up a new world for building strength, confidence and efficacy not only in my golf game, but my day-to-day life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Highly recommended.

I cannot say anything but great things about Kjersten and her lessons! I have taken lessons before but never got much out of them. Before her lessons (working from my stable feet position to my shoulders movements) I was shooting around 115 and coming home angry. I went out last weekend and shot a 92 including 6 pars, 6 bogies and my very first birdie (4 iron on a 185 par 3 with a 10 foot birdie putt)!

The lessons she installed gave me the foundation to continue to practice on my own and continue to make strides towards a better score. I am now more excited than ever to get out and play!

Kjersten has been so incredibly helpful with my knee problems! She has helped me connect the dots with all my lower knee and back issues and is helping me re-train my body to work correctly, so that I can be pain free. She takes time to really explain the exercises and how our bodies work. The app that is used during the week is also super helpful in keeping me on track. I highly recommend going to Kjersten at TherExcel for your physical therapy needs!!

Kjersten is so much more than a physical therapist. She gets to know you and how your body works and doesn’t work and gives skills to get it working properly. She also relates to you in a manner that is easily understood! I can’t tell you how many times the “lightbulb” above my head has turned on when she gives me something new to implement and I realize how it becomes beneficial to my body functioning better. Thank you Kjersten!

Kjerstan has helped me when no other PT could. I had neck pain as a result of being rear ended at a dead stop. She helped me recover and eliminate the pain. I have since taken my 83 yo mother to Kjerstan after a shoulder injury from a fall. Mom and I both are amazed at Kjerstan’s knowledge and ability to get right to the issue. She “hears your voice “ and clearly prescribes a protocol that has amazing results. Highly recommend her!

I love golf. When diagnosed with Parkinson’s, little did I know that the disease would bring poor coordination, slow movement, limited range of motion, and impaired posture and balance – all causes of a broken golf swing. To reduce the impact of these symptoms requires a solid understanding of how the body’s muscles and nerves work. Kjersten’s methods focus on retraining the body from the ground up to deliver the clubhead to the ball with maximum power an accuracy. There is no overnight fix for my condition, but I’m making progress and believe I’m in good hands.

Kjersten is an amazing therapist and has helped me recover quickly and safely from broken knee cap surgery. She understood what my recovery required and designed specific exercises and approaches that helped me to heal. Her concern for my recovery was supportive and genuine. Kjersten also has a great personality and manages to keep a great sense of humor. Thank you Kjersten for so patiently, kindly, and wisely ferry me from where I was to the happier and stronger place I am now!

Kjersten was an excellent therapist after my back surgery this year. She has thorough knowledge of numerous disciplines. She helped me correct my improper posture problems that caused my need for surgery. She is honest, dependable, educated and pleasant. I highly recommend her.

As a new golfer, I was looking for someone who could not only evaluate my swing, but who could explain it to me in a way that made sense. Needless to say, I am FOREVER grateful that I met Kjersten!! She tuned up my swing after one session and my game has improved dramatically with just a couple of tweaks here and there (and I’m not sore after 18 holes!).

More importantly though, after Kjersten learned about my past injuries that are currently causing me pain, she offered to help rehabilitate my previously broken wrist, my forward-tilting pelvis, and my outward-turned feet. In the last few years I have visited 2 chiropractors and 1 physical therapist; none who came even CLOSE to the amount of change & progress that Kjersten has helped me with in the last 2 months.

I’m walking properly, breathing more efficiently, stretching appropriately, strengthening muscles I didn’t even know existed, and feeling better overall. I HIGHLY recommend going to see Kjersten! She is wickedly smart, down to earth, and truly cares about your well-being.

I have a long history of soft tissue injuries related to Lymes disease and have accessed numerous health professionals (physiotherapists, chiropractors and osteopaths) for resolution. By far, Kjersten tops them all! Her attention to detail in her assessment and her vast knowledge of human kinetics and sport-specific movement has given me resolution of chronic pain and the ability to engage in sports without injury or pain afterwards. My golf game is so much better now! She truly does have healing hands and incredible compassion and dedication for her clientele!