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What our clients say

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I suffered from chronic back pain for several years and tried many different supplements and various treatments. Nothing seemed to work and at age 60, I was not willing to give up my ultra-active lifestyle. After 5 short treatments from Kjersten, with the TrueRelief device, my back is dramatically better. Additionally, Kjersten suggested many minor lifestyle changes that have helped me improve.

I have been playing golf for a long time, and over the past few years, my play was getting worse – I went from a 4 index up to a 7 in the space of two years. I had no idea what to do, as my lessons weren’t helping me regain my feel for the game. I had also been suffering with some lead wrist and elbow pain. After my first session with Kjersten, she identified several flaws in my set-up that were preventing me from playing well.

After making simple changes in my set-up and posture, my ball striking improved immediately. My scoring got dramatically better quickly too. Club speed with the driver increased from 104 to 109 mph, and my driving distance is up by 30 yards. Most importantly, my accuracy has never been better. In less than 3 months, my index has dropped below a 1, and I feel like I have more to accomplish.

Being 17 and an avid golfer, I was already very set in my ways with how i played golf. Kjersten made some small changes, mainly involving my setup, and overnight I picked up distance. Along with this, my accuracy got much better. I have also had many back problems because of golf, and Kjersten helped me relieve pressure on my back throughout the swing. The result is a pain free swing that has a lot more power! Even my putting has improved greatly, as it is now properly controlled with my body. I highly recommend Kjersten to any golfer!