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What our clients say

Hear from some of our clients about their experience with us.

I love golf. When diagnosed with Parkinson’s, little did I know that the disease would bring poor coordination, slow movement, limited range of motion, and impaired posture and balance – all causes of a broken golf swing. To reduce the impact of these symptoms requires a solid understanding of how the body’s muscles and nerves work. Kjersten’s methods focus on retraining the body from the ground up to deliver the clubhead to the ball with maximum power an accuracy. There is no overnight fix for my condition, but I’m making progress and believe I’m in good hands.

There is also a cross over benefit from working with Kjersten that transcends golf, into my every day well-being…I now can golf without pain in my knees, ankle, or shoulders.  I can also work out and not have pain in my joints.  I’m even sleeping better because I no longer have cramping in my legs at night. 

Kjersten is so much more than a physical therapist.   She gets to know you and how your body works and doesn’t work and gives skills to get it working properly. I can’t tell you how many times the “light-bulb” above my head has turned on when she gives me something new to implement and I realize how it becomes beneficial to my body functioning better.